Financial Technology

Based in Toronto, we run a FinTech startup accelerator and work with financial institutions to build or enhance their innovation capabilities. Our programme curriculum integrates mentors, speakers, investors, and peers to help startups grow to the next level across all of their key strategic vectors (i.e., value proposition, team, business model mapping, fund-raising, etc).

Seed Funding: up to 50K

Office Space: 6-9 Months

Product Launch: Lab to market

Portfolio Investments

Global Scale Competition

Drive Growth & Raise Capital

Everything you need to manage your investors effectively and quickly.
Our team will guide you through the process and help along the way.
We know how to succeed better than anyone and we will share this knowledge with you.
Our alumni community and partner network will be your resource years after the launch and exit.
Let your customers and fans buy into your mission and turn them into real brand ambassadors.
Station K ensures investing is easy, accessible and friendly. We guide your investors so you dont have to.
Put your company in front of Station K’s engaged members

Our team of experts specialize in helping companies to create exceptional digital products that create great user experiences and business value at the same time.


Too many ideas die unrealized when organizations fail to realize their true potential. We help to build prototypes that show their true potential.


Our companies grow user bases, sell millions worth of product, gain press coverage, connect with VCs, and raise follow on rounds at great terms.


Station K was created to give change-makers within corporate community a platform for engaging, supporting, educating, and challenging peers.

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We believe that advances in science provide a powerful source of new ideas focused on quality of life. Station K catalyzes local, national, and international innovation in policy and practice focused on sustainability issues. We design, test, and implement these ideas in collaboration with a broad network of research, practice, policy, community, and philanthropic leaders. Together, we seek transformational impacts on sustainable development.

Experts 92%
Scientists 89%
Developers 95%
Investors 98%
Advisors 98%
Mentors 98%
Executives 98%
Students 98%

The Power of Collective Intelligence

Station K and The Risk Centre announce an alliance to create an innovative Future of Work model that will embed Station K’s top on-demand freelance talent into The Risk Centre’s leading analytics, BI, and AI offerings.

The alliance allows The Risk Centre to transform analytics and AI services delivery by augmenting its world-class team of analytics and artificial intelligence specialists with Station K’s rigorously screened pool of deep AI specialists. The Risk Centre will draw on Station K freelance resources to enhance its ability to meet customer needs in the most complex, challenging and evolving areas of AI.

Business meeting
Business documents
Mature businessman or scientist with a robot.

Tailor-Made Growth Plan

Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem

Station K is focused on Innovation for Sustainability. Station K Lab is a group of experienced professionals that have particular expertise in Business Sustainability, Climate Change and CleanTech issues. Solid experience has been built in major sectors in Europe, Asia and North America. Key strengths are the team’s multi-disciplinary skills, longstanding experience, international know-how and access to global networks.

We provide a range of services in the sustainable innovation area. Projects have been completed in UK/Europe, North America, Japan, India, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. In addition, our consultants have presented at conferences in more than 35 countries.

Bespoke Network of Excellence

Station K Academy

Station K believes that every individual is capable of creating something that can bring value to the world. We are pained to see so many disengaged students in our education system. Our goal is to help new generations find purpose and passion in their lives through entrepreneurship. We work with scientific networks around the world to help our members bring their business ideas to life. From lab to market, our community continue to blow us away with their creativity and innovation.

We empower ambitious tech entrepreneurs to grow faster through growth programmes, digital entrepreneurship skills, a visa scheme for exceptional talent, and by championing Canada’s digital sector through data, stories and media campaigns.

Critical Thinking

Station K provides network capabilities to help students, employees, and learners improve critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills. If there is a skills gap in your workforce, we offer a powerful learning platform for upskilling based on industry use-cases.

Innovative Solutions

Station K is an intellectual powerhouse where industry thought leaders are combining consulting and teaching to reinvent the future. We provide free consultations to help you scope your project needs and provide 10x the savings over traditional consulting firms.