The former GCHQ spook reinventing cybersecurity training

The former GCHQ spook reinventing cybersecurity training 

James Hadley was 18 when an application form to work at spy agency GCHQ arrived in the post.

“If I’m completely honest, at 18 I didn’t know too much about GCHQ, but the application form landed through the letterbox with a thud with all the security forms,” he recalls.

Twenty years have passed since Hadley’s form arrived. The technology executive, now aged 38, is sat inside a large pub next to the ExCeL conference centre in east London. 

He is dressed smartly in a blue suit and sips a cup of coffee, sometimes straining to make his voice heard over a loud recording of a blues concert.

After spending a decade inside GCHQ, Hadley now runs Immersive Labs, a cybersecurity training business that has…


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