Reflections on the Last 10 Years in Energy and Cleantech

Reflections on the Last 10 Years in Energy and Cleantech

We’re closing out the decade on this week’s Energy Gang with a retrospective. 

We have been producing this podcast since 2013. So we are going to share some of our top storylines in energy and cleantech of the last 10 years — many of which played out while we were doing this show.

We’ll start with some personal retrospectives. What was consuming us back in 2009? How did that story shake out?

Then we’ll choose the most important stories that defined the teens. Katherine will choose the top policy trend, Jigar will choose the top business trend and Stephen will choose the top tech trend.

Finally, we’ll look ahead to 2030 and beyond. What needs to happen in policy, business, technology to “win” the decade?

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