Plenty of Fish data privacy questioned

Plenty of Fish data privacy questioned

Bad fish
With online dating now the No. 2 way for heterosexual couples to find a spouse and the top method for same-sex couples, the major dating sites are overflowing with personal data.

The Plenty of Fish dating app has been leaking some personal information even for users who set their profiles to “private,” TechCrunch reports. This information was scrambled, but easy enough to descramble using freely available software, the article states.

The leaked information, first names and ZIP codes, are among the data used to verify credit card purchases and can be used to phish for other information in an identity theft scheme. Plenty of Fish has more than 150 million registered users, according to the article.

Fashionable payments

Dash Brazil is working with ATAR and the Stratum exchange to enable purchases from a wearable device using the Dash cryptocurrency, Dash News reports.

The wristband’s mobile wallet uses NFC to make contactless Mastercard payments, according to the article.

ATAR has also used the Dash currency in an earlier test of its technology at an Estonian music festival, Dash News reports.

Face lift
Google’s flagship smartphone, the Pixel 4, launched this year with a lackluster implementation of facial recognition, criticized for allowing the phone to be unlocked without checking first that the user’s eyes are open.

An updated version of Google’s technology addresses another aspect of facial recognition: People’s faces change with age. Pixel phones will now snap new images of users’ faces to update its face models, Engadget reports.

Facial recognition is generally considered to be much safer than fingerprint biometrics — Apple estimates its Face ID has a one-in-a-million chance to be incorrectly unlocked by a stranger, compared to Touch ID’s one-in-50,000 odds.

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State-run Credit Information Corp. (CIC) said installment transactions dominated Filipinos’ credit reports as more than 36 million of the 56 million contract data it gathered had this mode of payment.

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