IronCAP Quantum-Safe Encryption Proves to be Un-hackable in Hacking Challenge

Nobody was able to break the Company’s encryption providing further validation of the strength of IronCAP’s encryption platform. Andrew Cheung, 01 Communique’s CEO, stated. “This validates the strength of our IronCAP platform as to the Company’s knowledge this is the first quantum safe encryption product to successfully emerge from a challenge similar to the Company’s hackathon. Our team is very proud of IronCAP and our accomplishments to date and we will plan to continue to pioneer the industry and show industry and governments that IronCAP is the best choice for post-quantum encryption”.

The hackathon was open to all hackers and IT people around the world and attracted a total of 517 entries. Entrants were given 36 days to try cracking the the IronCAP encryption and had the opportunity to win a $100,000 prize if they were successful. Not a single hacker was able to crack the IronCAP encryption.
Businesses and governments are preparing for the serious threat that quantum computing poses to traditional encryption. IronCAP’s strength has been endorsed by industry experts. The CIOReview is proof that IronCAP is the most secure quantum safe encryption today. For information on how IronCAP can help your company or clients become quantum safe, please visit our website.


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