The InfoQ Podcast Hosts Take a Look Back at 2019, Discussing Teal, Edge, Quantum Computing, and more

In this special year-end wrap-up podcast Wes Reisz, Shane Hastie, Daniel Bryant, and Charles Humble discuss what we’ve seen in 2019 and speculate a little on what we hope to see in 2020. Topics include business agility and Teal, what it means to be an ethical engineer, bringing your whole self to work, highlights from QCon and InfoQ during 2019, the rise of Python, and progress in quantum computing.

Key Takeaways

  • Business agility is one of the major themes that the InfoQ team has seen emerge this year, with a stronger emphasis on outcomes over outputs. We’ve also seen a growing interest in ethics and the ethical implications of the work we all do.
  • On the programming languages front, the rise of Python continues, driven largely by its popularity in data science.
  • As Kubernetes cements its dominant position we’re hoping to see a simplification of the workflows associated with it, as well as in areas like observability.
  • There have been several big announcements in quantum computing in the past year, and this is an area we continue to watch with interest.
  • Another key trend for next year is edge computing. The edge of the cloud infrastructure has an amazing amount of available compute resource, as does the device edge.

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This podcast is part of our 2019/2020 trends overview. The insights come from our editorial team, all of whom are software engineers, who push the barrier of innovation in their professional lives. Read and reflect on their insights to inspire your tech visions and roadmap for 2020.

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