Station K is the sustainable innovation platform to share ideas and trends in multilateral accelerator programs, supporting startups to grow, gain capital and stage them in the corporate orbit. We believe in a clean and sustainable future. And that is why we want to help startups and enterprises reach their goals, and ultimately improve quality of life with novel and sustainable innovation. We help startups to challenge the status quo of the industry with an evolutionary approach at the core. 

We station the sustainable innovation to the next orbit– galaxy-wide.

Green Innovation

The Toronto-Waterloo Region Corridor is a global centre of talent, growth, innovation and discovery. Rivaling the best in the world, this 100km stretch is the second largest technology cluster in North America. It is home to many successful companies, which are driving the future of GreenTech and smart societies. It is a cradle to startups that grow into multinational corporation with high level of ESG and ROI. It is a unique place where entrepreneurship and innovation are embedded in the genes of the people. It is the place that gave birth to Station K Accelerator program.

We design all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the Sustainable Innovation.

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