What we do at Station K

Station K is designed to accelerate sustainable innovation, develop disruptive new businesses. Scaling and starting transformational new ventures that solve real corporate challenges.

Our unique accelerator programme offers structured business and commercial support to start-ups in the sustainable innovation economy. Station K maintains a real-world business school for entrepreneurs and investors with rapid development for maximum ESG impact, transforming great ideas into successful and socially conscious businesses.


Benefit from direct financial investment, grants, loans, credits, and other VC funds and angels


Gain experience not shared in books. Our mentors provide targeted access to opaque industries


Identify and tackle growth and business transformation challenges with our expert consultants


Get a full-time desk, access to a unique community based program, and the best entrepreneurs

We host world’s most advanced



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Transforming Digital Identity

Deliver seamless customer experiences and build digital identity trust with AI-Powered tools. Digital Identity is a dynamic authentication technology designed for businesses that transact online. It’s also an anonymous authentication mechanism.

Fostering Creative Economy

Design economic systems where value is based on imaginative qualities rather than the traditional resources of land, labour and capital. The Creative Economy can be seen as a form of social-economic activity that generates economic returns and is embedded in historically established community networks

Enabling Scientific Discovery

We are enabling Scientific Discovery by collaborating with researchers to simplify the preparation and analysis of sustainable innovation in praxis. We’re keen to enable scientists and data experts to deal with large-scale computation and find answers to hard questions faster.

Accelerating Prototype Ideas

Your idea, the next big thing, needs expert product engineers and industrial designers. The Prototyping Process is a physical manifestation of the growth mindset that characterizes design thinking. The core of every startup’s existence is an actionable idea for a product or service.

Building Smart Products

Smart cities around the world are implementing initiatives to promote greener and safer urban environments, with cleaner air and water, better mobility and efficient public services. We build technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics, that form the base of the smart city model. Smart Cities are by definition, data-driven.

Fighting Digital Fraud

Optimize your digital experience and reduce fraud with state-of-the-art authentication, mobile application security, and e-signatures. We help protect and transform every step in the digital customer journey. Stay healthy by combining multiple Fraud Detection and Authentication methods.

Enhancing Technology Adoption

Technology rollouts can be highly disruptive to individuals, especially when the upgrade involves the productivity tools they use daily. Companies and technologies work their way through the Consumer Tech Adoption curve. Identifying companies that are successfully moving along the early stages of the adoption curve is a proven strategy for growth and can lead to tremendous, life-changing benefits in a short amount of time.

Launching Unicorn Startups

Unicorn is a word used in the venture funds industry to indicate a tech startup with a total market value of over $1 billion. Building technology is difficult to know where to start. We specialize in building technology with Accelerated Growth Strategy for startups who need support at early stages.

Culture of Excellence

We’ve built a team with all of the expertise a startup could need. That means there’s a lot of us and as soon as you start you can see us as an extension of your team. We’re here to give you the skills you need so you can go faster for less cash.


Monthly workshop for C-suite, corporate leaders, and business owners




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Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

We’ve built a scalable global network of the most talented start-ups and entrepreneurs, supercharging their growth by colliding them with validated corporate opportunities, revenue, customers, data, expert knowledge and investment.

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